Rishi Jose

I have joined Maxxfit fitness center in january. I was having weight about 89 kgs when i joined here.Fortunately i can say that i found a great place to put down weight and get body well shaped. With Maxxfit workout i become to weight 74 kgs in just 2 months. Maxxfit has well qualified professional trainers and good management staffs.

Its a spacious, clean, hygenic fitness center with lots of equipements. I would prefer you people to come here and burn lots of calories and get healthy body and it get rid of high fat.Once again thanks for Maxxfit for helping me to get my body well shaped and burned lots of fat.

Belly Fat weight loss transformation

Sreenivas P.C

I am Mr. Sreenivas, achieved my goal within two months under the 'special belly fat reduction' training of Mr.Kiran, Trainer, @ MAXXFIT fitness center, Kakkanad.

Obesity, especially belly fat ,is one of the common and major health problems faced by the IT employees. However, dedicated workout and diet will transform you to the owner of a healthy and fit body. MAXXFIT, the fitness center , makes your dream of a healthy body come true at a reasonable price, with the help of dedicated, professional trainers.Join MAXXFIT and experience the change.

body building transformation

Rajesh K.R

Thank you so much Mr.Anoop Kg for this great achievement of mine. (second prize in both District, State and National body building competitions).With out your strict training,follow ups,advises and care;I couldn't catch up my dream.Thank you very much for the entire Maxxfit team, especially Mr. Renesh K Rajan,Mr. Shi Bi Velayudham and Mr.Reji Maxx Fit for your constant support and care.

weight loss transformation


Congratulation Althaf for your wonderful transformation from 137 Kg to 99 Kg within this short period of 3 months. For the past months, you have demonstrated your dedication through your hard work and consistency. We, Shibin K.V, trainer and Maxxfit fitness Center take pride in having played a role in your success. We maxxfit assure our constant support on your further journey too.

weight loss transformation


As a bank Manager, I have to spend long hours sitting at my desk. The stress of the job and the habit of eating junk food had made me obese. As a result of obesity, knee pain and joint pain in the legs were the main health problems I faced.
This prompted me to join a fitness centre. When I searched on Google, I found that Maxxfit Fitness Centre would be the best choice. I have been taking personal training under Mr Anoop Kumar for five months. His diet plan, strict workout schedule and motivation helped me reduce my weight by 21 kg within this short span of time. I got rid of my knee and joint pain, too.
Though I strictly adhere to my diet and workout plans, I could not have gained the weight loss without my dedicated professional trainer Mr Anoop Kumar.
I am immensely thankful to the Maxxfit management for the all the support and facility providided to me with international-standard equipment at a reasonable rate. I am very thankful to Mr Anoop, one of the best trainers I have ever seen, for his excellent training.