Beyond Fitness

Fitness is not a destination it is a way of life.


Maxxfit Championship brings out the best qualities in each members and trainers who participates in various activities like Football, Power lifting, Athletics, Cricket, Boxing, etc which are played as teams to encourage group involvement.


Maxxfit perks another dimension to their member engagement program with Maxxfit Out bounds. ' Maxxfit Outbounds ' as the name suggests is a completely planned outdoor activity like a camp conducted with several ice-breaking activities at beaches, turf etc..


Maxxfit believes in building a community of fitness lovers who meet and greet outside the gym as well. To promote this concept we have introduced Maxxfit Socials where we look forward to engage all our members. Providing fitness programs (for example, Fitness Campaign & Zumba) in a community setting to boost physical activities, fitness and potentially improving mental health.